Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Night elf rogue. Some more WoW fan art :D. Here's the painted version.

landscape practice

About an hour or so study done from a photo I took years ago from my friend's window back in Kharkiv.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Barbarians are cool. Always have been, always will be. And I painted it here

Shark bite

Because why not


I love WoW, can you tell?
Night Elf Druid. Finished painting here: Savage Spirits.


Another WoW fan sketch. It later became a full digital painting. Check it out here.

Fight of the unicorns



Here's some preliminary work I did for the live collaboration painting with my friend Lorenzo Minaca. It is based on my other sketch, but after a lot of brainstorming and awesome ideas coming out of Senor Minaca's head, this is what that sketch evolved into.

Unit 251


This is done as a design to go on snowboarding pants. And it worked. Kinda.

Some weird portrait

I don't really know...

Troll Shaman

A World of Warcraft fan sketch.



Some tiny 30sec comp thumbnails.

Fall of Asgard

I had an assignment last year to create some concepts for a game I imagined. Mine was about Ragnarok and the Norse gods trying to survive. Here are some sketches and preliminary work from it.

Fenris Wolf

Fire giant Surt

Getting a feel for Odin with some gestures

Some props


The Madame

Animal sketches

Woman with a sword


These guys are kind of old, but I like them.

Punk zombie

Bloody Randomness


Mixed media late night randomenss

Figure Sketches

Some quick nude and clothed figure sketches.

About 20 minutes 


About 40 minutes

2 to 5 minutes    

2 minutes            



15 minutes         

25 minutes

couple of hours

some problem areas